Monday, December 5, 2011

Starter Gift...

I'd love to hear some ideas from our readers. A philatelist asked me, last week, what I recommended he buy his 70 great-great grandchildren for Christmas to get them started on this wonderful hobby which has brought him so much joy. Given the somewhat clear monetary restraints of multiplying by 70, what would your response be? We have starter kits with small worldwide albums, tongs, magnifier, etc., which make a ready-made solution. One could also put together a nice stockbook, a pair of tongs, and maybe blank album pages... I've spoken with serious philatelists whose greatest joy as a child was looking things up in the catalog - others who lived to fill the blanks in a Harris album. What do you recommend?


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  2. How about a book? "The Joy of Stamps" by Hunter Davies comes to mind.