Monday, December 19, 2011

3-Ring, Peg Post, Springback ????

Today I had to arrange some pages in a 2-post peg-fitting binder. LOVELY binder!! But a bit of a bother to undo the pegs and remove all the pages to replace one bit at the back.

When I talk with collectors, most of them are sure they know what the best binding for an album is...BUT they don't all agree. As a novice, I find the Springback unhandy. It feels like I'm breaking it to get it open, then I have trouble lining up the pages correctly when I reclose it. BUT I can see how it's easier than the peg-post for putting in an odd page out of sequence, or rearranging pages already in.

Ringed binders are the most comfortable for me, but then I have lots of non-philatelic experience with them, so am at ease with the concept. Three-ring binders in general have a problem of eventually losing their grip and page holes eventually require reinforcing. The Stanley Gibbons 22-ring binders are very secure and the stress on each hole is minimized by the prevelance of others. However, I don't have a 22-ring punch to make my own pages :)

Conclusion -- in choosing a binder, it's up to you. There's not a "best" because they're all good for one purpose or another. One word of motherly advice, however. If this is a new hobby, don't choose by what feels comfortable. This may be a long journey and you will become comfortable over time with any of the choices. Choose based on objective parameters, and let comfort follow.

That's my opinion. For me, I don't want to deal with peg-posts for awhile, but if I really don't want to lose my pages, they'd be the best, I think.

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