Sunday, January 15, 2012

Begin at the beginning...

Sometimes when we talk about beginnings, we forget that our frame of reference (that which we consider common knowledge) is different than that of others.  This week, I was reminded.

A darling young woman walked into the store on an impulse to "see what goes on here..."

As we visited, she tentatively asked about purchasing stamps.  I went through the routine explanations about being a consignment auction company, and outlining where the nearest post office was. But, it turns out, she wanted more assistance.She wanted to know about stamps - and here was the surprise -- not about collecting them, but using them. She was in town looking for stationery as she embarked on a daring new adventure - communicating with others via handwritten messages with the intent of  having them delivered by United States Postal System. She felt the tying together of stamp images and quality paper with ink applied by hand was attractive - and adventurous. She hadn't a clue how to find different designs of stamps nor which to use.  "If my postage is not correct, will my letter be destroyed?"   

This stylish and intelligent young lady clearly represents a generation removed from what we previously considered common knowledge. Her eyes were alight with the thrill of adventure involved in creating a new way of communicating.  It was wonderful to share basic information she found so exciting and adventurous. 

Her name, by the way, was Amelia.